Since its inception in the early summer of 2016, Deep Magic Marketing has been committed to setting itself apart from other businesses. We’ve created a business model centered on straightforward, diligent work to bring predictable results to our clients. This standard of excellence that we hold ourselves to sets an all new precedence for how we do our work. For example, for one of our clients in Arizona, the Deep Magic strategy sowed a tremendous amount of potential, and even now we’re beginning to see the fruits of that labor.

They set aside a specific budget for marketing, which we used to create various marketing campaigns to bring in a wide variety of customers. This amount was good for their particular goals, and allowed us to cast a very broad net, bringing in many potential clients. What was noticeable from the very start was it wasn’t an immediate change. As expected, things started off at a sort of “trotting” pace and steadily increased as the weeks went by. It seemed like every week the number of leads was increasing, along with the conversion of leads to actual clients. The law firm saw steady, predictable growth in the number of highly-qualified clients they were signing. It was clear from the beginning that working with Deep Magic would be a safe and sustainable option.

From May of 2016 to December 2016, we had brought them in about 671 leads (Leads, meaning how many people our team had contacted and worked with). Of those 671 leads, their team signed 180 of them. That puts their conversion rate right at 27%. It centered around the Deep Magic intake team contacting and “processing” each lead, getting hefty amounts of crucial information so the lawyers would not have to, and connecting the potential client right over to the attorney. By the time a lead reached the lawyer, it was usually already a well-vetted and viable case. The intake team learned and grew with this law firm, and as predicted, their numbers only increased with time. It was to be expected that some of the leads we received were from people that didn’t have a good potential for a case, or had cases that the firm simply didn’t manage(immigration, business law, etc.) as they are a Personal Injury firm. That being said, the firm was able to just sit back and watch their money bring in predictable returns week after week, month after month.

Clearly the important aspect in all of this was the predictability of the results. It was never a big gamble. Understandably there are risks in business, but there has always been steadiness in the numbers provided for them. For their firm, a low-settling case would net them somewhere around $8,000. With very conservative calculations, in just an 8-month period they had signed cases that would eventually bring in over $1.4 million in settlements over the course of 1-2 years. So, with an average of $8k earned per case, spending $10k per month, within 2 years tops, their ROI would be a hefty 414%.

In this sense, such cases often take up to a year or more to fully settle, so after a conservatively-estimated period of investment, they would begin to see significant returns. Even if they ceased all budgeting for marketing, that’s still an easy $1 million in earnings they will net, not including if any of their cases settle for higher, nor those “huge” cases they had received, such as large commercial accidents, which can bring in $100k and more. These were numbers that they saw coming, and never had to worry that they would lose their investment. From the very beginning they knew that their money was going to be bringing in cases that obviously take time to settle, and had budgeted accordingly.

By December of 2016, this Arizona team had become so overwhelmed by the amount of new cases that they needed to hire new case managers to keep up with the flow. As time continued, they were even able to hire more attorneys and open an entirely new office. Thanks to the sustainability and predictability of Deep Magic’s marketing strategy, they could expand to handle the increased workload. It was a clear and direct correlation to the well-managed campaign, and such growth is anticipated to increase further with time.

It was never about the specific amount of dollars being put into a campaign; it was a cold calculation of simple return on investment. Deep Magic had already created a strategy of reliability and predictability, all they had to do was plug in the numbers they wanted. It’s all about what the client wants to see.  Deep Magic’s “secret formula” works whether you’re spending $1,000 a month or $100,000 a month.

The national average for “cost per signed case” for our competitors is around $1700. That isn’t a terrible number, considering every one of those cases can more than make up for the money spent. We are bringing in more cases at a fourth of the cost. Although speaking in terms of raw numbers can sometimes muddy the waters, what’s most important in all of this is that not only is the firm making back all of their investment, they are making exponentially more. That’s the Deep Magic promise. It’s worth the time and energy, as well as the money.

The key to all of this (almost) unbelievable success was the diligence and specialization from Deep Magic itself. We worked hard, day in and day out, to provide these predictable results. That’s been our entire business model. Everybody here at Deep Magic works to provide our clients like this particular law firm in Arizona these reliable numbers. It was never magic, it’s just really hard work.

Said law firm is not an outlier, either. Your firm can see the same exponential return on investment. See for yourself the Deep Magic difference. Use our Digital ROI calculator and find out just how much better your practice’s performance could be in mere months. The results are calculated based on the mean data from our clients, and can give you a good idea of what exactly to expect when you work with us here at Deep Magic Marketing.