Every law firm has to start somewhere. When looking into marketing for your small business, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, especially when a lot of online content is aimed towards bigger firms/businesses with lots of resources. Thankfully, no matter your size or experience in the legal field, you can always find a good place to start your legal marketing campaign, and online marketing strategies don’t have to be expensive either. There’s plenty of ways to find a good campaign that isn’t going to break the bank. Here’s just a few tips you can employ to increase your footprint in the business world

Find What Makes Your Firm Unique

Every law firm is different. Even if you practice the same field of law as other nearby law firms, you should still focus on what makes you different from them. That’s one of the most valuable aspects of marketing in a new law firm, and conversely, can be a pitfall if you’re not careful. Are your fees different from your competitors? Do you have more effective communication methods with clients? Do you have lots of specialized experience? Capitalize on that. Your marketing has to be unique, to set you apart from other law firms in your competitive range. Additionally, this helps you gain an increased understanding of who exactly your competition is. In business, especially the legal field, it’s important to know who is competing with you for clients. Find out what other firms are saying about themselves, how they manage cases, their forms of communication, etc. and work with that information to create your own identity.

Encourage Social Interaction

For small firms, you’re most likely not going to be buying a billboard on the highway or running prime-time TV ads. Therefore, one of the most effective ways for all law firms, but especially small firms, to market themselves is through encouraging social interactions with their clients. Encourage them to spread the word, to recommend you to a friend. Create social media pages and encourage your existing clients to follow you online. Even massive law firms can take advantage of this means of advertising, but since it’s essentially free, you can make it a large part of your marketing strategy to try and increase your connection through normal social channels.

In a study conducted in 2015, one group found that the vast majority of the 1500 people interviewed said they found their lawyer through a friend or family member, as opposed to something like a phone book, TV ad, or online ads. This doesn’t mean those are ineffective methods, but it does mean that if you maximize your social engagement, you can see great returns on that investment.

You can host or even sponsor local events to get your name out there, and to help people get to know you and your firm. Make sure your interactions with people are very positive and beneficial, which encourages them to trust you. As you successfully close cases with a combination of skill and great customer service skills, your clients will be far more likely to refer their friends to you, since they’ll see that you’re not only skilled, but also pleasant to work with.

Build Your Online Presence

Piggybacking off of the previous point, your online presence is vital for your survival in the modern legal age. One of the best ways to increase engagement with current and potential clients is through a well-designed online presence. Consider your website, social media pages, and even online advertising.

For your website, it doesn’t take much, if any, money to have a website that is clean, organized, and informative. Like the first point, you want to be unique, but you don’t have to fill your website with glitz or glam. Just make your information highly accessible, and give everything with a helpful spin. You can build a website straight through Google, or you can use a more in-depth service like Squarespace, Wix, or something like WordPress.

Then, create and/or optimize your social media accounts. Facebook is invaluable, and pages like Instagram and Twitter are becoming increasingly popular among small businesses as well. Each has their own unique benefits, so it’s important to get familiar with each site. Facebook is great for delivering information, Twitter is great for engaging in conversation with people about a wide variety of topics, and Instagram is great for showing what your firm is up to, and engaging in that personal way.

Paid Advertising

Last but certainly not least, you can jump right into paid online advertising. There are lots of options, but you can always start with the basics. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram make it very easy to pay to sponsor your content, to increase your reach, and then Google AdWords works great for pages working through Google Adsense. This type of marketing essentially allows you to work on Search-Engine Optimization(SEO).

Now it becomes important to put in some elbow grease, since you probably weren’t taught online marketing strategies in law school. Get educated, study up on online resources. For example, this article does a great job of explaining Google AdWords. You can never know too much about online marketing, and it’s important to stay on top of news. Google AdWords went through a significant metrics change just recently, and when changes happen, it can drastically affect your marketing strategies. Be adaptable.

Starting a marketing campaign as a small firm can sometimes seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but once you find your stride, you can start seeing the results of your efforts. Like riding a bike, once you get the hang of it, online marketing can become more and more manageable. You can always look into hiring outside help. At Deep Magic Marketing, we specialize in a large variety of marketing strategies for law firms.

No matter the obstacle, as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort (and yes, money), you’ll be able to find a marketing solution that is best for your small firm.