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Get predictable results to drive growth in your practice.

Fully managed law firm marketing to get you the cases that you want. With results you can count on you will know exactly what to expect and how much it will cost before you start.

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  • Marketing Strategies For Law Firms (TV, Online Marketing, SEO)
  • Team of intake specialists to qualify each lead
  • Get your data on any device
  • Campaigns to fit any budget
When we opened the Arizona Office we relied on Deep Magic to build our case load. I couldn’t believe the results we got. We now have 2 offices in AZ and are going strong.
Chad Schaub, Bighorn Law


Reliability and Excellence Drive Predictable Growth in Your Practice

We think about internet marketing like building a predictable growth machine for your practice.  We build the Machine to achieve the outcome your practice needs so that once we get going it’s just a matter of feeding it. The machine produces a predictable outcome that can grow with the needs of your practice.   Partner with Deep Magic to build the perfect Machine for you.

If you want to successfully compete online, you
need a smarter way to generate more leads than what
you are doing now or have tried in the past.


Online marketing can make or break your firm. 96% of people look for legal advice using a search engine, and over 70% of potential clients hire the first attorney they contact. That means ensuring that you are found and contacted first is vital to creating a profitable and thriving practice.

Retain the Cases You Want

Our law firm marketing services are geared toward one thing: helping you directly reach the clients who are looking for you. We are not just interested in “exposure” or “attraction”—we want to win you tangible results. That means with us, you’re getting more calls, emails, and qualified leads. We don’t settle for anything less than real success. We measure success by how well we secure your firm a higher volume of quality cases, increasing your revenue and allowing your firm to grow faster and stronger. We accomplish all this through our powerful suite of services, offered by your team.

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