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A growing number of plaintiff’s personal injury attorneys are starting a mass torts practice area, taking advantage of the federal multidistrict litigation (“MDL”) system that efficiently consolidates the cases of individual plaintiffs against major corporate defendants.

Ordinarily, a personal injury practice consists of one-off, single-event matters. In contrast, a mass tort practice offers economies of scale, where an attorney can represent numerous plaintiffs who have been injured or killed by a the same drug or medical device. Based on conservative estimates, two to four million people per year are injured in mass tort cases.

Once the federal courts form an MDL, a plaintiff’s steering committee is appointed to run the lawsuit, take discovery and make decisions on behalf of all clients. To facilitate the filing of new actions, the courts will create websites with short-form complaints and plaintiff’s fact sheets, allowing plaintiff lawyers to focus on marketing and finding clients.

Today there are 247 federal MDL dockets with a total of 135,000 actions pending. Multidistrict litigation now comprises 36 percent of the entire federal civil caseload — up from 16 percent in 2002 — demonstrating the success of the MDL approach.

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